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The old concept of a showroom is DEAD! We represent hundreds of furniture manufacturers covering many industries (Business, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Residential, Food Service, and more!), and so it is simply not possible, plausible, or practical to have a space to show you all of the different products that we offer.

Instead, we now present you with the “McCartney’s WorkLife Center,” a reinvented space where we can discuss IDEAS and CONCEPTS, TRENDS and STYLES, and, of course, what YOU envision for YOUR SPACE. Come in and let’s discuss the connection between SPACE and employee/patient/student/customer SATISFACTION and ENGAGEMENT. We can look at examples of those concepts and some of the hottest trends and products on the market. A space is better when it’s designed around People. THAT’S the POWER OF PLACE.

Contact us today to schedule YOUR time to discuss how we can make your space work for you.

Space Planning + Specifying

With a team of talented and experienced designers, McCartney’s can take your blank canvas and create a workplace that is a true work of art. We have the full library of Steelcase’s research and insights at our disposal, and with this, combined with a product offering that is second to none, we can turn your space into a place that is exactly what you want it to be.

2D + 3D Rendering

Visualization can be hard. What will the product look like? How will it fit in the space? Will I like the way it looks? How much room will I have? How do the finishes look in context?
That’s why we’ve invested in one of the industry’s best design software programs so that the customer can truly see what their space will be. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, so why would you furnish an office without seeing it first? Whether it’s one desk or an entire building, let us SHOW you your space before you commit!

Delivery, Assembly, + Installation

If you choose us to provide your quality workplace furniture, we offer a variety of customizable service levels ranging from drop-shipping to your location or customer pick up at our location to full-service delivery, assembly, installation, and clean-up, by far our most popular option.

Our trained and experienced in-house installation crew is ready and excited to bring your space to life. Save yourself the frustration and let us handle it. We’ve got you covered!

Conscientious Removal + Disposal of Refuse

New furniture can come with a lot of trash. We care greatly about not leaving a mess for our customers or for the environment, and so, when possible, we request that our manufacturer partners ship their products in a way that reduces packing waste. When we do have waste to deal with, we will completely remove it from your facility, separate it and dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner. You’ll never even know that we were there. You know, except for the furniture. We care deeply about our customers and about leaving our world a better place.

Project Management

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Let us handle it. McCartney’s can take care of every step of your furniture project. From design to logistics to trash removal, we’ve got it handled. We can even coordinate directly with your architect and/or contractor to help make sure that everything goes smoothly.
Reduced service levels are also available if you prefer a more Do-It-Yourself approach.

Warranty + Repair Service

McCartney’s has always prided itself on the quality of the product that it provides. It’s rare, but occasionally that product will need replaced or repaired. We all know that dealing with manufacturers on issues like this can be frustrating, to say the least; and then there’s the potential of dealing with shipping, repair work, and having furniture out of commission for an extended period of time.

That’s exactly why we will always handle these issues for you. If you have any concerns with product that we’ve provided, just give us a quick call and we’ll be there to handle everything. If what needs done will involve you being out furniture for any length of time, we will happily provide you with loaner furniture until the problem is resolved.

Ergonomic + Workplace Wellness Consultation

You’ve heard the adage “sitting is the new smoking,” and there’s a lot of truth to this. It’s no surprise that the average American’s lifestyle today is much more sedentary than in generations past. In addition, many Americans spend more of their time at work than anywhere else. Some people even spend more time in their office chair than they do in their bed!

The potential negative effects of this are manifold and range from decreased overall health and/or fitness, chronic pain, decreased attentiveness and focus, and mental health issues to decreased productivity, higher turnover rates, decreased employee satisfaction, and potential  workers compensation issues.

Let’s work together to make your new space a place where employees feel comfortable, valued, and supported. We can also help you evaluate your existing space to see what improvements you can make on the budget that you have. Finally, don’t assume that just because you’ve provided an ergonomic space and furniture that everyone knows how to use it. We’d be happy to come in to help teach you or your employees how to make the most of your space.

Reconfiguration + Move Management

Are you needing to rearrange or moving to a new location, but you’re not ready for new furniture yet? We can help!

We can take inventory of the office furniture that you have and redesign it for your new space. Let us handle breaking it down, moving it, and rebuilding it for you! You’ve got enough on your plate!

Office Chair Demo Program

Need a new chair? Nowadays, some people are spending more time in their chair than they are in their bed. This one piece of furniture is intimately connected to one’s workplace experience. For that reason, we consider it to be the most important piece of furniture in the office. We ALWAYS recommend that you try a chair before you decide to buy it.

At McCartney’s, we have hundreds of our best quality and most popular chairs on hand for you to try. You can come in and try them here, or you can borrow one or more to use at your workplace to see what works for you.

If you’re not sure where to start, just shoot us a message and we’ll discuss a good place to start.


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